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Blueberry BeeCow Painting and Crochet Bundle

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Hand painted watercolor.

Size 6x8 (inches)

Made of high quality materials!

Cold pressed paper "Baohong"

Watercolor paints "Schmincke" strong resistance to light.

Holbein Gouache. 

No frame.

Color Disclaimer: There may be a slight difference between the colors seen on the monitor and the real picture.

This purchase is for personal use only.

These are not to be used for any commercial purposes.


Freehand crochet CowBee by Emma Nalbantov of emma’s crochet creations (@etn2558) inspired by SoulHavenMama’s art.

Approximately 7.5 inches long (including antennas) X 8.5 inches wide (including widest part of wings) 

These will be shipped separately! :) So two cute  packages to look forward to!