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Custom Watercolor Animal Painting

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Custom, hand-painted, 100% unique pet portrait or animal painting! I'd love to paint your cat, dog, reptile, bird, hoofed friend, rodent; any critter companion! OR any animal you’d like! I especially love painting cows! 

Available in 5x7in , 6x8in , 8x8in, and 8x10in.

Complimentary shipping inside the United States!

How to Order:

Select your size and place your order. I will contact you within 24 hours via to gather details for your portrait. I will need good, clear images of your pet. If the animal isn’t your pet, please send reference photos! :)

We can also talk through Twitter! Please put your @ in the notes of your order.

I’ll keep you updated throughout the whole process! 

Once the portrait is sketched, I will send an image of it to you for your approval before I begin painting.

Once the portrait is painted, I will message you an image of it for your approval before I ship it to you!

Paintings are made on high quality cold pressed paper. Mediums include Watercolor, Gouache, and Ink.

The whole painting process may take up to a month! 

Please note: These images remain copyrighted to me and are for personal use only. If you would like an image of an animal for commercial use please contact me!